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Reset/Restore All subdirectories of Git

Managing a Git repository effectively often requires resetting or restoring subdirectories to maintain a clean and functional codebase. This guide provides a concise, step-by-step approach to reset or restore all subdirectories in a Git repository.

Resetting Subdirectories

The following Git command removes all untracked files and directories from the repository. This is useful for cleaning up unnecessary files before performing a reset or restore.

git clean -xfdf -- .

Command Breakdown:

  • -x: Remove all untracked files, including those ignored by .gitignore.
  • -f: Force the removal of files.
  • -d: Remove untracked directories.
  • -- .: Apply the command to the current directory and all subdirectories.

Restoring Subdirectories

To restore all files in the repository to their last committed state, use the following command:

git checkout {HEAD OR BRANCH} -- .

Command Breakdown:

  • {HEAD OR BRANCH}: Replace with HEAD to reset to the latest commit or specify a branch name to reset to a specific branch.
  • -- .: Apply the command to the current directory and all subdirectories.

By using these commands, you can ensure that your repository is free from unwanted files and that all files are restored to their committed states. This process helps in maintaining a clean and organized codebase, facilitating easier collaboration and development.

Feel free to customize this guide according to your specific needs and preferences. For more advanced Git operations, refer to the official Git documentation.

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